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If you have been eyeing the news, you probably are well aware of how serious the problem of obesity has become in the United States. Of all the states, note that three of them have obesity rates of more than 30% of their current population, and that includes even obese children.

Obesity means that your body’s fat composition is way above the normal for your height. For this reason, several food manufacturers have made efforts of producing food items that contain less fat, less sugar, and would not contribute to unwanted weight gain. Also, along with these new types of food available, many new forms of exercise have been developed to keep people active and always moving.

When you want to have effective weight loss solutions, chances are you will also turn to products that will assist you on this matter, especially in the form of weight loss dietary supplements. These are pills that are usually made from all natural herbs and ingredients, taken after meals, and aid the body as it undergoes the weight loss program.

Much controversy actually surrounds these products because not all people believe in the efficacy of herbal supplements. There are critics who are skeptical about possible side effects, allergic reactions, and even the placebo effect that makes these pills seem very believable.

But can herbal weight loss dietary supplements actually work? The answer is yes. However, the effects on one user may not exactly be the same as the results on another user. Furthermore, one should not rely solely on weight loss pills to do the work.

Taking these supplements should be coupled with a well balanced diet and a regular fitness regimen. Plus, you should take these pills following the instructions on the label, or only after consulting a medical practitioner. Only then can one be assured that these weight loss dietary supplements are real.

What are some of the known ingredients of these weight loss supplements that prove to be effective in the battle against obesity and being overweight? Currently, many studies are working on more plant derived products that can aid with weight loss and provide overall health maintenance. Mentioned below are some key contents of weight loss dietary supplements.

L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is commonly found in poultry, egg, milk, as well as red meats and some fruits and veggies. In the 1990’s, L-Carnitine was very widely studied because it was found to be essential in effective fat metabolism. Today, herbal pills contain milligrams of L-Carnitine as a form of natural fat burner.

Green tea extracts or just green tea itself has been found to contain many antioxidants that help maintain health and detoxify the body. Not only that, green tea is said to improve the body’s metabolism, such that it burns calories and fat more efficiently. This effect of green tea used to be associated with the caffeine content as a stimulant. Up to the present, more studies are being done on this.

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