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There is nothing which requires more willpower than trying to stick to a fitness program. There is nothing so disheartening as trying to get your body into shape and failing, after starting the program with such high hopes.

Many fitness programs are started on a whim, while feeling excitement and hope for getting the body that they are dreaming of. But, very few of the programs are actually maintained after the six month mark!

There are so many factors that people use as excuses for giving up on their fitness programs that they started with such enthusiasm boredom, schedules which are too busy, and feeling like they have done enough to be satisfied, if not completely happy with the results.

In order to combat some of these set-backs, make sure that you start your program with a clearly defined goal for yourself. If you are aiming to be thinner, pick a specific number of pounds that you are wanting to lose. It your goal is to be in better shape, and be able to take part in a marathon run in your town, make sure you set up your training to suit this goal.

Having a clearly stated goal will give you something to measure your progress with, which will help you to see that you are getting closer. And, make sure that your goal is realistic. If you have never ran a step in your life, you cannot expect to finish a marathon in one month. Losing 50 pounds in a month is not only unattainable, but it can be dangerous too.

Once you have your goal decided, make sure you keep a good record of your progress. Seeing that you are making improvements will help to keep you motivated, which is a very good thing when wanting to stick with a program. Be sure to track your progress honestly and accurately.

Also, make sure that you do not expect too much too soon. If you are trying to lose weight, don’t weigh yourself every day. You won’t be able to see results in that amount of time frame, and all it will succeed in doing is leaving you feeling discouraged. Body weight fluctuates too much every day, at certain times of the day, making any real changes unreliable.

Make sure that you keep your exercise program exciting by varying the exercises in order to keep yourself from becoming bored with them. If you are doing the same exercises over and over, you will not look forward to doing the workout, and you will start finding excuses to avoid them.

The best way to stay motivated, and stick with a fitness program is to share it with someone else. Get a friend to join a gym with you, or start working out together. You can help to keep each other motivated, and share in the success and setbacks together. You will find it much easier to keep a positive attitude, and feel better about achieving your desired goal.

Starting a fitness program isn’t hard to do. Sticking with it is. It requires willpower, and a strong desire to succeed. But, if you are wanting to have a body which is in better shape, and have a feeling of great accomplishment, you can do it if you follow the steps outlined above. Don’t give in to excuses – set your goal, and don’t give up until you reach it.

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