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Clinically Tested Fat Binder

How It Work?

Proactol is an patented fiber complex, which is a 100% natural, 100% organic, fat binder made from dehydrated leaves of the nutritious cactus named “Opuntia Fiscus-Indica”. This natural Fiber complex consists of two fibers – a soluble fiber and a non-soluble fiber.

Proactol works in two ways with soluble fiber and non-soluble fiber. It is strongly advised that you should take it immediately after meals with water.

When the non-soluble fibers come into contact with dietary fats, it immediately binds with the dietary fats to form a fluid gel around the fat which is unabsorbed, and therefore the fat passes naturally through the body. In clinical trials Proactol has been proven to bind about 28 percent of dietary fats.

At the same time, the soluble fibers bind with bile acids to create a viscous solution that slows down the digestion and the absorption of glucose. This means that we will feel fuller for a longer period. This in turn will suppress our appetite and food cravings.

Below is the picture about how it works, which we obtained from the Proactol Official Website.

How Proactol Work

As we have mentioned above, Proactol’s Official Website has offered their customers the chance to have a complete weight loss system, which includes the free membership to the home-weightlos program.

This is well worth it, as it is well known that sensible weight loss is not just about taking some “miracle pills”. We should strive for a well-balanced, long-term healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is not about denying yourself the foods and activities you like, it is about allowing you to enjoy a better quality of life. (Moreover, to lose weight of course)

Weight loss? It’s just a dream if you don’t take your first step.

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