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Usually, one bottle of your favorite Proactol costs $99.95. But with discounts on the rescue, you can get it for only $34. That’s the beauty of discount coupons!

We have found 2 useful Proactol discount coupons. The first one is PROAC8, and the second one is WEDR1. But you can get the benefit of only 1 coupon code at a time.

But before we get to details about those coupon codes, here’s a picture of a few important terms & conditions:

    – Currently there’re 7 packages from Proactol. These packages range from 1 to 8-month durations.
    – There’re 2 categories of discounts. The first one is Bulk order discount and depends on the size of the order, while the second one is on particular coupon codes.
    – For all packages, you may qualify for free Shipping & Handling but the only exception here is the 1-month package.
    – For an order of 4-month package or beyond, you can enjoy a month of free Proactol supply.
    – In addition, depending your order size, you can qualify for further bonuses. For instance, you can get bonuses as free weight-loss guideline materials (books and a free account at diet sites).
    – You should also note that, the WEDR1 code is comparatively more favorable in most packages the only exceptions are 1-month and 2-months packages. It is also good if you have a clear look at cost/bottle on different packages. You should also compare them.

Here are some more ideas on Coupon code # PROAC8-

    – 1-month packages cost 79.95 dollars per bottle
    – 2-month packages cost 79.47 dollars per bottle
    – 3-month packages cost 59.20 dollars per bottle
    – 4-month packages cost 42.32 dollars per bottle
    – 5-month Packages cost 39.51 dollars per bottle
    – 6-month packages cost 36.30 dollars per bottle, and
    – 8-month Packages cost 34.00 dollars per bottle

Comparing the cost/bottle on each package, can help you decide on the right Proactol Discount or package for you.

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