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Thinking of trying out Proactol Plus? Know more about it first before going ahead to buy this best-selling weight loss supplement. This article focuses on the functions of all the Proactol Plus Ingredients. It also gives you reasons why Proactol Plus is good for you.

1. Prickly Pear: The Main Ingredient

More popular as NeOpuntia, the prickly pear is Proactol Plus’s main ingredient. Prickly pears are found somewhere in Southern America and belongs to the cacti family. This plant has long been believed to secue fat and increase metabolism, and recently, this belief has been proven.

Numerous tests have been conducted upon this plant, which found that the NeOpuntia extract binds with ingested fat so that almost 30% of the dietary fat intake will not be absorbed by your stomach.

2. Significance of the Two Fibers

Aside from the prickly pear, Proactol Plus consists of two fibers: soluble and non-soluble, which are significant in helping you lose body fat. Because the human body cannot digest fiber, it ends up being passed out along with other waste. This doesn’t mean that fiber is not good. In fact, it is extremely good for the health of your colon, as fiber cleans it as it is passed out.

These two soluble and non-soluble fibers, plus the prickly pear, make up the whole concept of this fat binder that is actually quite simple.

3. What the Soluble Fiber Does

The soluble fiber clashes with bile acids, which then reduces to make a very viscous gel. This gel slows down glucose fusion into the blood and into your digestion.

As soon as it is in your stomach, this gel will expand your stomach and thus make you feel extremely full for a longer period. This would then result to a decrease of up to 300 calories in consumption: it’s almost like you skipped a meal!

4. How the Non-Soluble Fiber Works

Meanwhile, the non-soluble fiber meets fat molecules and combines into a thick gel. It binds with as much as 25% of the fat that you ingest. This makes the fat molecules too large to be absorbed into your blood stream. Instead, they will leave your body through bowel movement.

Even though most weight loss pill users often complain about their bowel movement caused by their pills, this bodily reaction toward weight loss pills, especially Proactol Plus, is natural and is actually good for the body.

Proactol Plus binds the fat molecules so you will not have to feel any stomach ache. Some weight loss pills actually do the reverse and instead block the fat molecules from going out, which causes undesirable stomach problems.

5. Fat-Burning Supplements in Proactol Plus

What makes Proactol Plus stand out among the other weight loss products is because of the fat-burning supplements it contains. The fiber complex of this diet supplement will mix with volatile fats, forming coarse lumps that the body cannot absorb. These lumps will then be eliminated along with other waste.

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